Glass Pipes and Design


Evolution of the glass pipe design: The greatest ‘’hits’’

Glass blowing has been enchanting people for centuries now. This is where craft meets art. It is hard to say where craft ends and where art begins with this profession. Glass blowing is almost as old as human society. It has been used both for utilitarian and artistic purposes, which is why glass pipes contain a bit of both worlds. Glass pipe is an aesthetic piece as much as it is functional.

Glassblowing in the ancient times

Many historian agree that the birthplace of this craft was Mesopotamia 3500 BC. Although we cannot say with certainty, it is believed that glass came to be a byproduct of other crafts such as metal-working. In the beginning glass was so scarce that it was only reserved for the wealthy and powerful. And even if some country learned or made a breakthrough in this field it was a closely guarded secret. Mid-bronze age meant halt for many crafts and arts including glassblowing. After many years in the Syria and Egypt around 9th century BCE glassblowing came to life again, and there was a huge boom in the glassmaking technology, which is where it started to become into an art form. Glassblowing as we know it today was invented about 30 BC.

Glassblowing nowadays

Today glassblowing and glass in general is an indispensable part of our lives, we cannot imagine our houses, computers, mobile phones, kitchen equipment and so many other things without it. From Pyrex to Gorilla glass, this technology is here to stay.

Inception of glass pipe

Due to its high melting point glass found its new purpose in the world. High melting point glass was used for making of thin tubes you can smoke from. This was way back in the ancient times, but this practise has never become widely used among people. In this time’s casting method for glass production was used, and it was very limiting.
Blowpipe is not to be confused with a smoking glass pipe. It is an essential piece of glass blowing technology used for glass blowing and because of it glass became much cheaper and easier to produce. Blowpipe made a revolution in glassmaking and pipe making also.
Glass pipes are very attractive to smokers, due to the clean combustion, and the high quality smoke they give.