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What is glass pipe?

Glass pipe is used for smoking tobacco or some other kind of herbs. Unlike wood or clay pipes, glass ones do not affect the flavor of the herb that is being smoked. You could say that glass pipe is favourite amongst purists.


Culture around glass pipes

Although pipe smoking is important part of many cultures around the world. Use of glass pipes is not so disperse, mostly because production technology was not so well developed in the past.
But there are some cases of glass pipe usage, like for example use of Shisha in Egypt.

60’s are the time when glass pipes and culture around them became mainstream. Glass smoking technology made quantum leaps in this period, and it enabled making of intricate pipes that can only be refer to as a piece of art. As long as the basic principle of a pipe was maintained, the only thing that limited artists in making them was there imagination. One of the milestones in making this pipes was introduction of glass joint (not that kind of joint).

There are five basic shapes of glass pipes: Chillums, Spoons, Steamrollers, Sherlock of Gandalf pipes and Bubblers.

Glass pipe has made a long journey from its humble beginnings in the ancient times to the mainstream use. One thing is for sure – it is here to stay.